Eton Travel introduces a cutting-edge, interactive MI & Traveller Tracking system

Eton Travel introduces a cutting-edge, interactive MI & Traveller Tracking system

Eton Travel demonstrates its commitment to providing clients with state of the art technology by significant investment and development of a cutting-edge, Management Information System (MIS).



DATA SENSE is an interactive, online, MIS, which enables clients to have 24/7 access to their real-time travel data. The system is accessible on any device (computer, tablet, phone) and is populated with pre-defined data criteria bespoke to each clients’ requirements.

Visualisations such as Online/Offline adoption, Travel Policy, Pre & Post trip, Booking behaviour, etc., are all available and clients can utilise the tool to search for specific destinations, dates, regions, passengers….and more.

Static Data vs Dynamic/Live Data

Historically, if a corporate wanted to receive a Management Information (MI) report for the month they were in, they would have to wait until the following month for the MI report to be prepared manually; this was primarily due to the systematic data processing time required.

When the MI report would finally be available, it would essentially be a data dump of static data, sometimes with the aid of colourful graphs and charts, but static or lifeless nonetheless. The negative impact of the client having to wait many weeks for their data was that it had a negative impact on proactive account management.

DATA SENSE; on the other hand, feeds off live data and provides dynamic information to influence process outcomes. 

Eton Travel’s clients can login at any time to their online Client Portal from their office, or home and make sense of the data that matters to them the most. They can receive immediate access to live data through a user-friendly, interactive, online platform, allowing them to navigate throughout their portal and access numerous data points.

"DATA SENSE changes the way clients interact with their travel data, allowing them to make intuitive analysis of trends and spend with their own travel data, concentrating on the areas that affect them directly – and they can do it instantly and interactively, 24/7”   Tom Boucher, Data Analysis Manager, Eton Travel


CSR Traveller Tracking tool

Locate any traveller, anywhere, anytime.

DATA SENSE comes packaged with a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) tool, commonly known as Traveller Tracking.

The CSR Traveller Tracking tool captures all air, hotel, rail and car hire bookings made by Eton Travel and allows its clients to visually pinpoint their travellers’ locations on a global map, along with retrieving detailed information on their whereabouts, including onward flight details and timings.

All booking data is geolocated with intuitive filters to provide a user-friendly experience in searching for specific data such as locations, dates, individuals.

Duty of Care

The CSR Traveller Tracking tool helpsEton Travel’s clients to fulfil moral and legal obligations pertaining to corporate social responsibility and perform Duty of Care in ensuring the wellbeing of employees while they travel.

During regular working hours, Eton Travel performs itinerary disruption monitoring of potential travel security risksand provides its clients with travel alerts via email to notify of any current or pending risks. In the event of a traveller being in an affected area, Eton Travel will make swift arrangements for the safe return of that traveller at the earliest possibility.

Out of Hours

Should a travel related incident occur when Eton Travel is closed, then calls automatically divert to its Out-of-Hours partner, Allseven24; whom have experienced staff to provide support to corporates’ urgent travel needs, around the clock and around the globe.


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