A new horizon in compliance

A new horizon in compliance

Business travel costs are one of the biggest areas of indirect spend for the pharmaceutical industry and, as a result, come under frequent scrutiny by finance directors and management accountants alike.  Consequently, many of our clients are now project managers, not meetings planners, reflecting a need for providing the detail, and providing it well.

Planners are being turned off by the healthcare space because it has become difficult to focus on the parts of the role they enjoy.  But it will be interesting to see if they will come back to what they love doing.

Richard Parker, Director of Healthcare at American Express

The organisation of meetings for the Pharmaceutical industry has become increasingly difficult. Adhering to rigid codes of practice often means creativity has been replaced by checking and double checking policy details and granular reporting on individual travellers.  

Meetings are no longer just meetings. They are projects that consist not only of planning the meeting, but all the reporting that goes on ahead of the meeting — and all the reporting that comes after.

As such, the role we play in removing some of the stress of reporting is being increasingly appreciated by those we are working with. Supporting meeting planners comply with travel regulations by providing the detail they need for their reports means they are able to free up time for the planning the meeting itself.  

This marks a new horizon for the pharmaceutical meetings industry, for the corporate travel agencies supporting it - and for meeting planners themselves.  If you want to fall back in love with your job, call us!

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