Weekly Newsletter 25th September

Weekly Newsletter 25th September

Friday 25th September 2020

This week we ask for your help, again...more on airport testing, increased traveller confidence, EasyJet Special and the innovative Castle Hotel.


EasyJet 30% Discount

We are delighted to advise that we have secured access to a 30% discount on easyJet’s flexi fares

Please call your team for more information and to book.

These fares are bookable from now until the end of October and are valid for travel until January 2021.


Demand UK Airport Testing 

We appreciate we keep asking for your help and we are hugely thankful of your support however we do have another request. Please find below a template for you and your staff to bombard your local MP’s demanding the UK government start testing at airports and opening up air routes. With only 9 countries Britons can travel to without restrictions, quarantine is becoming redundant as the majority of destinations have higher covid infections than the UK. Please fill in your name and company and send it to your local MP.  Your MP details can be found using this link:-


We want to get back to doing what we are experts at..managing your travel.

Thank you for helping us to achieve this.

Dear (Local MP)
I am writing as the (title) of (business name), a travel management company (TMC) located in your constituency, to request your support at this difficult time and to ask for your assistance in getting business travel moving again.
The UK business travel sector is an important driver of economic growth and international trade. TMCs like (business name) manage a large company’s strategic approach to travel. This includes negotiations with vendors, the day-to-day operation of the corporate travel programme, ensuring traveller safety and security, as well as credit-card, travel and expenses data management.
Business travel occupies a role at the heart of the aviation industry. It is life blood for airlines and accounts for between 15-20 percent of their customer base. For airlines, business travellers are typically twice as lucrative as leisure travellers, and on certain routes business travel can represent 75% of an airline's profits.
Like many other parts of the economy, business travel has been profoundly impacted by coronavirus.  Many TMCs have seen a collapse in revenue of up to 90 percent, and we estimate that 7000 employees have already been made redundant, with further job losses expected once the Job Retention Scheme ends in October. If current trends continue throughout 2020, the contribution of the business travel sector to UK GDP will fall by £150 billion, whilst nearly 10,000 jobs in the sector will disappear forever.
To reverse this decline, it is absolutely essential that the UK rolls out testing at airports to replace the ever changing system of travel corridors.
Throughout the world, Governments are using testing on arrival to revive their economies, maintain public health and restore confidence in travel. The UK should follow suit and lead the way in implementing testing at airports, which is a vital solution to help thousands of jobs across the business travel and aviation sectors.
If widespread testing at airports cannot be delivered, then targeted financial support from Government will be required to support the aviation and travel industries, which will continue to feel the effects of coronavirus long after other parts of the economy can return to work and begin to recover.
We know that there is a pent up demand amongst businesses and other organisations to resume travelling, but a new regime of testing at airports is urgently requires to unlock it and get our sector moving again.
As a constituent I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you and discuss our situation in greater detail.
Yours sincerely,





IATA calls for Systematic Testing Before Departure


For a full report on the International Air Transport Association (IATA)'s argument in favour of airport testing, please click the link below:



A Poll we're Happy about

We have been receiving very positive reviews from clients we have booked to Greece and Italy in the past month. The overall comments were that they felt more confident and comfortable travelling having booked with us.We offered assistance right up to the day before travel and if we could have diverted the cyclone which cause two days of wind and rain, you can guarantee we would have done so. They have said they wouldn't hesitate to book again with us. The following didn't come as a surprise to us...

Traditional travel agent services are increasing in demand because problems associated with the Covid pandemic has put many off booking online, a new survey claims. A poll among 1,000 customers found 79% would be more inclined to book with a travel agent in the future. Of those customers who, pre-Covid, would have booked travel themselves online, 58% would switch to booking with a travel agent going forward, it found.
According to the poll, which was conducted between 4-11 September 2020, 85% of customers missed out on a holiday in 2020 because of Covid 19, generating a significant degree of pent-up demand.
When asked about their travel plans for the coming year, 73% said they will be taking a holiday abroad. Almost a quarter will do so even if they have to quarantine, while 51% will only travel if they don't have to quarantine.
The expertise and financial protection that booking with a travel agent provides has never been more crucial to holidaymakers than it is right now.
The survey shows that customers are eager to get away on holiday but are concerned and confused by the quarantine rules and the ever changing FCDO advice.
As a result, they are seeking out trusted travel agents to help them decide where and how to holiday; to remove the headache of having to cancel or amend a holiday booking, should travel restrictions come into force; and to give them peace of mind that their money is protected and they will be taken care of if some something goes wrong.
Overall, nearly 80% of respondents said they would be more inclined to book with a travel agent now than before Covid. What is more, of those customers who, pre-Covid, would have booked travel themselves online, 58% would switch to booking with a travel agent going forward.

If you would like to discuss holiday plans with one of our experienced consultants, please call 01753 671747 or email leisure@eton-travel.co.uk


Spotlight on the Castle Hotel Windsor

Along with following the Accor AllSafe covid cleanliness and prevention policy, the iconic MGallery Castle Hotel in Windsor has come up with a safe way to train without leaving your room. Ideally targeting the business traveller but by no means exclusive, the kit comprises a yoga mat, resistance bands, hand weights, a foam roller and everyone's favourite; the abdominal roller. All fully sanitised during stays.

The hotel has been open since the middle of July and has seen an uptick in bookings during September. 

We are impressed with the hotel's ability to address client's needs whilst in a safe and secure manner. Good luck and we hope bookings continue to increase for you as we navigate the new normal of living with covid-19.



and finally...

What did a shoal of salmon off the coast of Australia do when a shark decided it was lunchtime...they formed a heart around it. This pic has won first place for photographer Jim Picot at the Siena Drone Awards, which are running from 24th October until 29 November. Call us on 01753 671747 if you'd like to see the pic up close in this beautiful city.



Have a very happy weekend!

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