Weekly Newsletter 4th September

Weekly Newsletter 4th September

Extend the furlough for Travel Industry

In continuing to fight for additional support for our industry after the end of October when the current furlough scheme ends, we are asking everyone to sign the petition below
Whilst many industries are now able to trade either fully or partially, the travel industry is being disproportionately affected by travel restrictions and quarantines being imposed by the government. Many people have spent their lives working in the industry and once all this is over, those skilled employees will be once again required to plan and take the nation on holiday. Whilst restrictions remain in place, imposed by the government we cannot trade fully or make a recovery.
Please forward this link to as many of your colleagues & friends as possible  - if 10,000 signatures are received, the government will respond to the petition however, if 100,00 people sign the petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.
Let’s all support our industry and get the UK back in business!



Rail Travel safer than we thought

0.01% is the % risk of contracting COVID-19 while traveling by train!

Rail safety experts worry that people may be assuming the roads offer a less risky alternative during the pandemic, when in fact trains are safer and greener.

Analysis by the rail safety body has shown the risk of contracting Covid-19 while travelling by train is about 1 in 11,000 journeys. This is equivalent to a chance of less than 0.01%, based on an hour-long train journey in a carriage with no social distancing or face coverings.

The report also shows that the risk more than halves if passengers wear a face covering. These have been mandatory when travelling by train since June, unless exempt.

On safety alone, for an individual traveller per kilometre travelled, the car is 25 times less safe than rail. Cycling is 403 times, walking is 456 times, and travelling by motorcycle is 1,620 times less safe.

When the effect of the virus is taken into account and compared against the average road safety risk, the risks are almost the same (road is 1.14 times the risk of rail). Across all transport modes risks of catching the virus are very low, and certainly tolerable. Experts accept that most people will want to use a combination of different modes of transport to get around.

The infection risk findings have now been published by RSSB and verified by the Chief Scientific Adviser’s team at Department for Transport in collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory.

For the full report and stats, see



No 1 Lounges to Re-open

Airport lounges have always been a place of sanctuary for business travellers but even more so as the world begins to travelling again. No 1 airport lounges have been just that and now more than ever, they are committed to this mission.
They are working hard and rigorously planning their service, and cannot wait to welcome guests’ back through their doors to take a pause ahead of their trip and to eat, drink and relax in style with the knowledge that every guideline is being adhered to with regards covid-19.







and finally...

not conventional flying but airborne nonetheless...

One fearless fourth grader from Georgia has just broken a world record in a hot air balloon.

Eight-year-old J.T. Head piloted a hot air balloon for 20 minutes on July 10,  The ride was just enough for him to break the world record for the youngest person ever to solo pilot one of the aircrafts. The record was previously held by then-nine-year-old Bobby Bradley.

According to the outlet, J.T. — who is now nine years old — flew 400 feet over Sautee Valley in Georgia all by himself. He was able to accomplish the feat thanks to his father, Tarp Head, who owns a hot-air balloon company.

"My dad owns a hot-air balloon company, so I got really interested in hot air balloons, and so I decided that I wanted to do a solo flight one day," J.T. told



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