Weekly Newsletter 9th October

Weekly Newsletter 9th October

Friday 9th October 2020

This week IATA confirms safety of Air Travel, Air France & KLM update, Ground Transportation, the Scilly Isles and curry anyone...


Air Travel Safer than Expected

The International Air Transport Association has claimed only 44 Covid cases have been transmitted during a flight - out of 1.2 billion passengers.
The figures translate to one case for every 27 million passengers, or 0.0000036%.

"The risk of a passenger contracting COVID-19 while onboard appears very low," IATA Medical Advisor Dr David Powell said. IATA admitted there was no precise way to establish the exact number of aircraft transmissions. But it said its 'outreach to airlines and public health authorities combined with a thorough review of available literature' has not suggested any widespread onboard transmission. "We recognise that this may be an underestimate but even if 90% of the cases were un-reported, it would be one case for every 2.7 million travellers," Dr Powell said. "We think these figures are extremely reassuring."

Even more encouraging, he added, is that published data occurred before the widespread wearing of face masks on aircraft and in airports.
New insight into why the numbers are so low emerged following research conducted by Airbus, Boeing and Embraer. All three plane makers claimed aircraft airflow systems control the movement of particles in the cabin, limiting the spread of viruses. Despite slightly different methodologies, the research claims aircraft airflow systems, specialised filters, the natural barrier of the seatback, the downward flow of air and 'high rates of air exchange' reduce the risk of disease transmission inside the cabin.

"The addition of mask-wearing amid pandemic concerns adds a further and significant extra layer of protection, which makes being seated in close proximity in an aircraft cabin safer than most other indoor environments," IATA concluded.




Air France KLM Passenger Safety Assurances


Air France and KLM are doing everything they can to make sure that your customers feel comfortable to book and travel during COVID-19. It is top priority. Both airlines are committed to safeguarding the health and safety of customers and staff throughout their journey, at the airport and on board. 

Air France would like to remind customers that they must wear surgical masks on all its flights and that body temperature checks are carried out on departure of certain Air France flights to international destinations.

On all KLM flights, it is mandatory to wear face masks and on some flights even surgical masks are required. Passengers receive more information in an e-mail a few days before departure. If, due to medical reasons, a passenger cannot wear a face mask, a health certificate and a negative PCR test, no older than 72 hours, must be provided

Air France and KLM have announced their flight schedule for the coming months. Despite COVID-19 both airlines are doing all they can to offer as many flights to as many destinations as possible.

Air France
Air France will operate flights to approximately 170 destinations worldwide by the end of the year, with frequencies adapted to the demands of the customers. Among these are 43 routes within France and flights to 67 destinations in Europe. 
KLM focus on offering an extensive range of destinations and will increase frequencies or expand capacity where possible. KLM is also introducing a few new destinations. Among these is Kuwait with a flight twice a week. Although a (short) stop has to be made in Dubai, it is not possible to book Dubai as an end destination on this route. Customers with Dubai as end destination can book direct flights to Dubai from Paris or Amsterdam.  Starting from December 10, 2020, KLM will also add Zanzibar as a new destination with a flight twice a week for the Amsterdam – Zanzibar – Dar es Salaam route. 
Delta Air Lines
In addition to the flights from Air France and KLM, transatlantic partner Delta Air Lines will restart per October 25, 2020 its route from Amsterdam to Minneapolis with four weekly flights and will offer daily flights per December.

Air France and KLM reopen more lounges worldwide
In addition to the lounges in Chicago and New York-JFK, eligible customers are welcome again to relax before their flight or during transfer in more Air France and KLM lounges, with adjusted services and strict hygiene measures. Air France reopened its lounges in Boston, Washington and San Francisco. KLM reopened its Crown Lounge in Houston. At Paris-CDG the La Première  lounge is being renovated and eligible customers can enjoy the exclusive La Première service at the Mezzanine of the Air France lounge in Hall K. Transatlantic partner Delta Air Lines recently opened its largest and most stunning Delta Sky Club at Salt Lake City International Airport



IATA Interactive Map

Whilst your Corporate Team are poised with country entry regulations, we sometimes find these interactive maps very handy.




Back to the office with Brunel
still here, to get you there …

We are delighted to partner with Brunel for all your transfer requirements. 
Brunel has access to over 200,000+ vehicles across the Globe. Wherever you need safe, reliable driver services to get you home, to the airport or to organise your event or roadshow transportation, think of Brunel.

  • All Brunel drivers have been trained on social distancing & hygiene practices in accordance with Government Advice.
  • We have provided drivers with face masks, gloves & hand sanitiser and encourage them to use them on every trip. It is now compulsory for drivers to wear a mask and encourage passengers to do the same while traveling in our vehicles.
  • We provide & require drivers to use the car washing facilities twice a day and also to spray & wipe “high touch” areas with vehicle disinfectant solution, after each trip.
  • We continue to remind drivers to stay at home & self-isolate if they are exhibiting any signs of COVID-19.
  • We continue to monitor this exceptional situation and will keep you informed should the services need to be adapted further over time.

Bookable via your Corporate Team or contact Sales@eton-travel.co.uk for more information.


Spotlight on The Scilly Isles 

Shubhra from Prestige Holidays shares with us her recent experiences of visiting the islands.
The Isles of Scilly is an archipelago around 30 miles off the south-western tip of England. Though numbering 50 islands in total, only 5 are inhabited. There are options to fly via helicopter (15 minutes from Penzance) or Skybus flight – however, I boarded the 2.5 hours on the Scillonian Ferry from Penzance to St Marys.

Each day, I took a boat to the different islands. Each one offers something unique and different. Travelling to the Isles of Scilly is like travelling back in time. It’s laid-back, relaxed, scenic & completely tranquil. The waters are crystal-clear, the nature is abundant with so many species of flower, fauna, birds & insects. I was very lucky to have travelled on the Eastern Isles Cruise to see what must have been over 80 seals in the wild. Travelling on this small cruise (usually holds about 35), it is 1.5 hours trip sailing around to the uninhabited islands where the Atlantic grey seal colonies and a variety of seabirds can be found.



Another day saw me sailing to St.Martins. At just 2 miles long, this was a phenomenal sight with beautiful long stretches of powdery fine-white sandy beach. The water is sparkling clear blue. I can see why it is mistaken for the Caribbean. Walking around, there is an abundance of flowers along the winding road. A community that is so small of only 130 people who wave and are friendly (and obviously all know each other). 

Sailing to St.Agnes is an unspoilt & astonishingly beautiful island joined to its neighbouring island Gugh by a sand bar at low-tide. Here the terrain is so mixed from rocky outcrops in the west to hidden paradise coves in the east, joined by a patchwork of flower fields and farmland. For pure nature-lovers, this is a great place to find an abundance of wildlife. A real treat was finding the Isles of Scilly shrew – not something easily found.

It was great to stop at the infamous Turks Head for the traditional Cheese Ploughmans Lunch.
Finally, one of the highlights of my trip was visiting Tresco Island which is privately owned. With its long silver beaches & historic sites including King Charles Castle – a coastal artillery fort dating back to the 16th century, truly a magnificent site. For me, visiting the Abbey Gardens was my aspiration and did not disappoint. It is home to a huge collection of exotic plants from all over the world. This terraced sub-tropical garden boasts an astonishing collection from over 75 countries. It is described as a “Perennial Kew without the glass” and home to over 80 species of plants and flowers. Many of which could not thrive on the mainland. A nature-lovers paradise.

Dining was incredible with so much emphasis on organic & fresh produce. With the water in abundance around the islands, seafood and locally-caught fish is order of the day…all prepared & cooked to a high level with attention to detail. I got to visit the locally award-winning gin distillery & sample the goods – all obviously for work purposes. They truly are a self-sufficient destination.
To ensure I truly sampled the Isles of Scilly, I met with a number of locals and even went out on a few evenings with the youth & the elders also meeting the 1 of 3 policemen working on the islands. The overall conclusion was that they loved their islands, the going-back-in-time, the beauty, the independence & the safety were all attributes to how these islands run so efficiently.
If you would like to follow in Shubhra's footsteps, please do get in touch and we would be delighted to help you with this or any other destination you are thinking of visiting;

Eton Wokingham Leisure Team
TEL- 01189 979 2555
Email - wleisure@eton-travel.co.uk



and finally...

Second to Naan....




The 22nd National Curry Week takes place from the 5th to 11th October 2020. It’s been a difficult year but for one week only, let’s talk about curry instead of coronavirus. Whether you’re heading out to your local curry house or cooking up a storm using our official recipe book, we want you to be rejoicing in all things curry!


Have a very happy weekend!

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